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Credit Assist Credit AgencyCredit Assist was originally formed in 1989 by one of the largest ‘Asset Leasing’ finance groups in the UK. It was created to provide Business Information and Credit report data to both internal group companies who provided leasing finance and directly to their extensive customer base covering all market sectors. Credit Assist was predominantly marketed alongside the core finance leasing proposition and a strategic decision was made to create a direct marketing initiative, in order to focus on developing the brand.

In 2003 Credit Assist was reconstituted as a stand-alone entity with a new MD, a new account management and direct sales team and a new customer service and support function. Continuity was provided with directors from the Leasing company maintaining a minority shareholding interest.  It operates out of a rural manor house setting, whilst the core IT infrastructure is housed in a leading secure data centre.

With a new lease of life and a focused direction, Credit Assist soon prospered as an independent entity. The product range has broadened and now offers the very highest levels of data integrity, global depth and breadth in the market. Reports are updated 1.5 million times per day globally and this level of immediately available data leads the market. Levels of customer satisfaction, advocacy and retention are among the very best in the UK for any business sector.

The overall value proposition that Credit Assist delivers is widely recognised by its customer base as being second to none in the industry. Customers come from all market sectors and range from large global banks to small independent sole traders.

For more information or assistance please email our helpdesk or telephone 01604 217333..