UK & Ireland Credit Reports

UK & Ireland Credit Reports

Assessing business failure risk is both an art and a science. Credit Assist provide a range of reports that help you perform critical analysis of a company's operations, profitability and stability. Designed to help evaluate your medium to higher risk decisions, our reports contain in-depth information including risk evaluation, payment performance, financial statements, director detail, and public record legal data.

Client or company reference numbers can be added to the reports to allow easy identification and correlation with regards to monitoring updates.

Our UK / Ireland reports range from a very concise 'Salescope' report, which gives a high-level summary designed for use during the business prospecting and acquisition process, through to 3 levels of Financial Credit Reports. This truly delivers the very latest up-to-the-minute information, fully empowering your knowledge and decision making effectiveness.

For Financial Reports in the UK where information is sparse we produce bespoke reports by directly contacting target companies in the local market and produce reports within a matter of days.

We provide an ongoing premium monitoring service that will automatically notify you of any changes to your account base so that you are proactively updated via a daily or weekly email.

UK / Ireland reports for both Ltd and non-Ltd businesses are provided from one easy-to-use central database with a market-leading search engine facility. 

For more information or assistance please email our helpdesk or telephone 01604 217333.