Marketing Data

The key to incremental business growth is to develop relationships with existing clients and also to find new customers. This process can be expensive, time consuming and, if you use inaccurate data, can produce uncertain and costly results.

Our core business entails providing Business Financial Reports on over 237 million companies covering 240 countries, with 25 million of these being in Europe. This means we hold very valuable and precise data which can be utilised for marketing purposes.

From our UK data file we select 2.4 million records where we have the most comprehensive live data and this is then matched with additional external data sources such as telephone and mail preference services to provide an enriched and highly accurate data source. We can therefore provide precisely tailored, market-ready data for targeting UK companies with detail accuracy of 95%, including decision maker names and telephone numbers.

Simply tell us your preferred data elements and we will quote according to selection criteria and output delivered. There are 50-60 data element options in total, such as type of business (sic code), size and geographic location, date of incorporation, contact, phone number, etc. The Marketing Data file is then supplied to you in an easy to view excel spreadsheet.

UK Marketing Data File facts and figures

  •  2.4m UK Marketing file records
  •  1.9m companies with phone numbers for telemarketing
  •  Contact name for 90% of records
  •  5m decision maker names
  •  SIC for 90% of records
  •  Turnover for 70% of records

For more information or assistance please email our helpdesk or telephone 01604 217333.