UK & Ireland Director Reports 

Credit Assist can provide notification of all companies in UK & Ireland that a Director is associated with. We hold the latest up-to-date information on over 13.5 million director/company officer appointments within both UK & Ireland registered companies. Our Director Reports consist of (where available) the individual's date of birth, home and/or service address, date of appointment/resignation/disqualification, position and occupation.

It is not uncommon for a director to utilise different Director PIN numbers for different appointments with Companies House or Companies Registration Office.  For this reason it is imperative to check all listings recorded against a director’s name to ensure that all activity is discovered.

Why take a Director Report?

Use it to find out more about any Director/Company Officer that you are doing business with, for example, partners, suppliers, competitors or to aid your recruitment process.

This report is an excellent research tool to be used independently or alongside the Credit Assist credit report for additional information on the associated credit risk. In cases where a credit report cannot provide a full track record of the individual in question, our Director Report may provide more thorough information regarding the Director’s activity as we hold all data registered with CH and CRO.

The report will confirm their occupational status and the period of time that they have held various appointments so that you can draw your own conclusions and make business decisions.

An appointment is defined as a person holding the position of Director and/or Company Secretary within a UK & Irish Registered Company.

Searching for the report and basic details are free-of-charge, and then pulling a Director Report for each Director PIN number associated with each individual will accrue 5 points from your account total. 


For more information or assistance please email our helpdesk or telephone 01604 217333.