Immediate Business Information Report Availability
The above map provides an indication of how likely we are to provide our
customers with an immediate online report in a selection of countries covered.


International Coverage

Credit Assist provides the World's leading source of global business information. Our database contains credit reports on over 265 million companies in over 220 countries and is updated many millions of times a day. Our information is gathered in 135 languages or dialects and covers 167 monetary currencies. In the unlikely event that an instant report is unavailable we conduct bespoke reports by directly contacting target companies in the local market and produce bespoke reporting within a matter of days.

The reports offer consistent presentation wherever in the world the businesses are located. We provide the highest levels of instant access to global business data.

Accessing business data is easier in some countries than others, for example in the UK there is Companies House which is a central repository for key business data. Many countries do not offer such a central repository which makes collecting and aggregating the data from different countries across the globe an enormous task.

We ensure the complete, timely and accurate collection of data and present this in a logical and consistent manner to help International decision makers and credit managers manage their business risk effectively.

If you are trading Internationally or looking at establishing new business opportunities overseas Credit Assist’s International Business Credit Reports can help you identify risk, protect your cash flow and expand effectively by identifying the most attractive new opportunities. We can also offer International monitoring services in 41 countries across the globe.

For more information or assistance please email our helpdesk or telephone 01604 217333.