On-line Payment System

With any Receivables Management process, there is usually a high degree of manually intensive labour associated with cash receipt, particularly with cheque payments. Costs to manage such a manual process can be considerable, and this can be disproportionate to the value of remittance received if the average cheque value is low.

As a result, Credit Assist has developed an Online Payment System to efficiently and cost-effectively handle payments around the clock, and to automatically allocate to the sales ledger without manual intervention. This can be developed both for external customers to log on remotely or for internal credit control staff to take payments over the phone.

The system is accessed through a website which is fully branded to your organisation and gives your customers 24/7 access in a fast and simple manner.

The system offers many benefits to both you and your customers, these include: 

  • Your customers can make payments or view and print copy invoices at any time day or night. 
  • All payments can be automatically allocated to your sales ledger. 
  • Significant cost savings are available by not producing and sending copy invoices. 
  • Significant cost savings are available through automatic cash allocation. 
  • E-mailed payment receipts save time and postage costs. 
  • The online payment system can be linked to your corporate website. 
  • No need to use PDQ machines (terminal to take card payments) thereby saving rental costs. 
  • No paper records to file or lose! 
  • Excellent reporting which is under your control at the touch of a button. 
  • All data transfers are encrypted and totally secure. 
  • The latest technology and security, including 3D Secure, is incorporated into the system.

If you do not currently process high volumes of card payments this maybe because your customers do not have a fast and simple method to pay when they choose to (which may well be outside of office hours!). 

Online payment system will improve your customer service and save you money.

For more information or assistance please email our helpdesk or telephone 01604 217333.