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UK & Ireland Monitoring

Credit Assist provides monitoring services on all companies across UK & Ireland, with notification emails being provided daily or weekly. Monitoring data content can also be attached separately in a csv file format, so that information can be easily mined.

Elements monitored for each company include:-
Out of Business Indicator Secured Filings Indicator
Company Name Financial/Legal Special Events Indicator
Trading Style Disaster Special Events Indicator
Address Operational Special Events Indicator
Town Other Special Events Indicator
Other Postal Town Failure Risk (Financial Stress) Score
Region Total Credit Exposure Limit
County Credit Limit
Post Code Headquarters Name
Country Parent Name
Chief Executive Domestic Ultimate Name
New Director Appointed Director Resignation
Payment Score Delinquency Score
Principal Name Global Ultimate Name
Legal Structure Business Structure
Total Employees Location Status
Failure Risk Score Override Latest Financial Statement Date
Criminal Indicator Shareholders Equity
Financial Embarrassment Indicator P&L From Date
Suit(s) and/or Judgement(s) Indicator P&L To Date
Claims Indicator

These elements may be tailored to suit your needs so that you only receive data notifications that are required. You can amend the severity of the change that you want to be notified about and you may receive a new report for any company every time there is a change of circumstance.

For more information or assistance please email our helpdesk or telephone 01604 217333.